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The Obama Administration has been looking for new ways to help homeowners ever since they took office.  The “Home Affordable” Modification Program" (HAMP) was created for this purpose but has thus far proven to be limited in its reach.  As a result, there are many  different programs available to homeowners today that are not government sponsored and the vast majority of loan modifications created today  are the result of direct negotiations resulting in a customized modification between lenders and attorneys representing homeowners.   In fact, nearly 85% of the homeowners assisted by MRP attorneys, who ended up keeping their home and having their loan modified, did not qualify for HAMP and were instead assisted by a unique modification which was customized to fit their particular circumstances.  Our ability to assist each homeowner comes from the knowledge and experience of our legal professionals who specialize in mortgage relief assistance . At Mortgage Relief Project LLC, we have extensive experience in understanding the many government and non-government loan modification programs available today and our attorneys will fight to protect your interests.

When it comes to something as important as your home, having successful attorneys represent you in negotiations with your lender can be the difference between losing your home to foreclosure and finding a lasting solution that allows you to keep your home with affordable monthly payments.

MRP is the most respected and established nationally recognized network of modification attorneys and legal professionals.   Our team specializes in keeping you in your home and making it more affordable to do so. Our goal is simple; match you with a mortgage relief attorney that understands your situation and can customize a solution which will allow you to afford your home. Our attorneys have completed thousands of successful loan modifications, saving their clients millions of dollars.   Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle the most difficult and complex situations and have been assisting homeowners on the front lines of the mortgage crisis ever since it began. 

If you are struggling with your mortgage payments, trapped in a high interest rate loan, facing the possibility of foreclosure, or if your house is worth less than the amount you owe (underwater), our attorneys and legal professionals can help.  If you have had a hardship which has resulted in financial difficulty, we can help.  A mortgage loan modification attorney can help you stop foreclosure, reduce your monthly payments, lower your interest rate, and lower your principal balance. In some cases, it is possible to reduce your monthly payment by up to 50%. Whether you are struggling with a high interest rate or just falling behind with your monthly payments, a loan modification can help you solve your financial problems and get you back on the road to recovery.  Unlike refinancing, your credit rating is not considered a significant qualifying factor!  Our legal service providers have established relationships with all major lending institutions.

If you are considering bankruptcy or other possible solutions, call us first or fill out the form on the page for a FREE CONSULTATION! We can help you better understand your options. 

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