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foreclosure bluesIf you have already exited the foreclosed property, the legal process is likely too far along for you to realistically seek home retention. In these instances, filing a lawsuit for monetary damages is appropriate. When a truly wrongful foreclosure takes place, the damages can be far reaching and give rise to many CAUSES OF ACTION. Actually, wrongful foreclosure cases are typically complex, and include widespread monetary damages, depending on case specifics and applicable laws. This best way to begin is by consulting an experienced attorney, who can assess the viability of your case and the available legal options.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not yet vacated your property, even if it has been sold at auction, staying in your home may still be possible! Call us at (888) 718-0986, or complete the form on our “Sue Your Lender” page now!

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To begin the process, contact an MRP representative and schedule a no obligation attorney consultation. These consultations are MANDATORY prior to beginning any representation for wrongful foreclosure and related legal matters. The attorney will conduct an evaluation, discuss the viability of your case, and explain the litigation process to you.

For wrongful foreclosure damages lawsuits, the first order of business is determining if the actions fall within the applicable statutes of limitations. To make sure you do not forfeit your opportunity to recover damages, contact us today to schedule a FREE attorney interview.


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