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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  Do I need to be delinquent or behind on my mortgage payments to qualify for assistance?

ANSWERNo.  Most mortgage relief programs are meant to help people in financial hardship.  Banks are more willing to help borrowers in trouble and having struggled to maintain your payments despite financial hardship is looked upon favorably.

QUESTION:  Is it too late to help clients who have received a Notice of Trustee Sale?

ANSWER:  No.  Our attorneys can assist our clients with foreclosure representation up to a few days before the actual transfer sale date.  However, if you are considering foreclosure defense assistance, please don’t wait until you have received a notice of sale.  Your chances of reaching a successful resolution diminish the longer you wait.

QUESTION:  Do you work with all lenders?

ANSWERYes.  Our attorneys will work with any and all lenders and the results will typically vary with each lender. The results will depend not only upon your lender, but also the specific details of your case. Our attorneys have established contacts at all major lending institutions.  These relationships have saved our clients millions of dollars in successful loan modifications.  Most major lenders have their own specific mortgage relief programs in addition to their participation in any federal mortgage relief programs, such as HAMP

QUESTION:  Can you help me with properties that I’m not living in or currently renting out?


QUESTION:  What do you look for in clients?

ANSWER:  Our attorneys can help anyone in financial trouble, but certain conditions can make their job easier.  Ideal clients are those homeowners who:

are already in foreclosure
have received a notice of default
have an adjustable-rate mortgage that has already increased
have negative amortization loans
have a loan amount which is greater than the value of the house
are experiencing hardship due to a bad loan or predatory lending

QUESTION:  Do unemployed homeowners qualify for any mortgage relief programs?


QUESTION:  Do you count the income of people who are living in the home but are not legally responsible for the mortgage payments?

ANSWERYes.  For most mortgage relief programs, the total income of every member of the household is considered, not just the homeowner.

QUESTION:  Will my lender need other documents (such as credit scores) to assess my case?

ANSWERBesides the pay stubs and tax forms, some lenders may ask for at least two months of bank statements in order to determine your income. Credit scores are not considered for qualification.

QUESTION:  How long does it take to get a response from my lender?

ANSWERThe average initial response is 7-10 business days, but it varies from one client to the next. The entire process typically takes about 60 days.  Some applications process faster than others and are mostly dependent on the lender’s response times.

QUESTION:  What interest rates can I expect after a loan modification?

ANSWERThe results vary from case to case, but many of our clients have had their loans modified to interest rates between 2.5% and 5.5%.

QUESTION:  Do I need to pay for an attorney’s legal services in advance?

ANSWER Yes. You are paying for legal representation. It works as a legal retainer, as it does for any legal services.  However, payment plans are available for those who qualify.

QUESTION:  How do I pay to retain an attorney for legal services?

ANSWER:  We accept payment by check, money order, cashier’s check, electronic funds transfer, MasterCard, or VISA.

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