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Are you struggling with your mortgage or facing foreclosure? Have you tried to “work with” your lender but feel like you just keep getting the runaround? Have you considered hiring an attorney but had doubts about who you can trust?

If you are looking for a law firm that has extensive experience in mortgage and foreclosure defense, you have come to the right place! The Law Office of Mitchell Jay Friedman, Attorney at Law, LLC is a full-service, nationwide team of foreclosure defense and mortgage attorneys that has helped thousands of homeowners resolve their troubled mortgages. We have the knowledge and experience to handle the most difficult and complex cases, and have been protecting homeowners for many years now.

Don’t be fooled by imitations! These days, many “law firms” are simply loan modification companies supervised by an attorney. IF YOU ARE A DISTRESSED HOMEOWNER, YOU NEED REAL ATTORNEY REPRESENTATION TO EFFECTIVELY PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS. WE ARE REAL LAWYERS THAT WILL FIGHT TO DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS AND WORK DILIGENTLY TO ACHIEVE THE RESOLUTION THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. We will give you guidance, represent you in court and mediation hearings, and fight to protect your interests during the entire negotiation process.

As part of our mission to protect consumers, we offer a FREE EVALUATION! Our attorneys take the time to review your situation and give you an honest and realistic assessment of the options available to you before considering an agreement for services. Your home is one of your most precious assets! Choose a firm you can trust to protect it!

*The question and answer interview is designed to allow potential clients to speak with one of our attorneys when considering an agreement for our services. No appointments will be made until an evaluation has been completed. As part of our commitment to protect consumers, we only accept cases which have been approved by an attorney, following a thorough evaluation of its viability. Interviews conducted by appointment are preferred and can be scheduled by speaking with one of our agents at (866) 798-0033 or by completing the Online Evaluation form. All interviews are subject to attorney availability and subject to change. We will make every effort possible to report changes as soon as they become available and appreciate the same courtesy.




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