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Mortgage Relief Project StaffIn our seven year existence, Mortgage Relief Project has provided thousands of homeowners with nationwide access to foreclosure defense attorneys and lender litigation attorneys. The foreclosure defense attorneys offer legal services for everything from loan modification and reinstatement, to answering complaints, filing counter-claims and motions, and representing you in hearings and mediation. The lender litigation attorneys simply take it to the next level by filing lawsuits and injunctions(TROs) against lenders.

Mortgage Relief Project, Foreclosure Prevention ResourceMortgage Relief Project strongly advocates attorney representation for distressed homeowners. We provide direct access to nationwide foreclosure attorney networks that offer attorney representation for everything from foreclosure defense and loan modification to individual litigation and injunctions(TROs) against lenders.

American flagMortgage Relief Project’s genuinely altruistic mission is to assist America’s struggling homeowners and help them keep their homes whenever possible. We provide homeowners with news and valuable information regarding mortgage relief assistance, as well as direct access to foreclosure defense and lender litigation attorneys. We are firm believers in attorney representation for all mortgage and foreclosure related matters.

To contact us, please email info@mortgagereliefproject.org, or complete a contact form.