San Diego’s 2010 foreclosure drop among highest in the U.S.

Foreclosure activity in the San Diego region fell 17 percent in 2010, posting the third highest decrease among the 20 largest metro areas in the country, according to foreclosure-listings company RealtyTrac. Washington, D.C. (-22 percent) and the region of Riverside … Continue reading

Hawaii Foreclosure Reforms Designed To Protect Consumers

HONOLULU - The state Consumer Protector Steven Levins said Friday that he was surprised by the consensus between lenders and consumer advocates about several reforms to Hawaii’s foreclosure law that he said will help many battered homeowners and even the … Continue reading

Legal Bills for Fannie and Freddie Abuses Cost Taxpayers $160 Million

As if the nations mortgage crisis has not been scandalous enough, evidence is emerging the the taxpayers will be footing the bill to hire high priced attorneys to protect the former top executives of Fannie Mae. While homeowners continue to … Continue reading

Shamed Into Altering a Mortgage; Battered By the Bank

The following story - from the New York Times - documents the troubles homeowners have in trying to get a mortgage modification. Even when it makes sense to both the homeowner and the bank, the banks have found a way … Continue reading

JPMorgan Chase Wrongly Overcharges and Forecloses On Military Families

In a shocking new bit of news regarding the callousness and seeming incompetence of some of our nation’s largest banks, JPMorgan Chase has admitted to overcharging military families on their mortgages, and illegally foreclosing on 14 families. A recent NBC … Continue reading

VA Authorizes Relocation Help for Short Sales and Deeds-in-Lieu

By: Heather Hill Cernoch 01/17/2011 The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has instructed mortgage servicers to pay relocation assistance to borrowers completing short sales or deeds-in-lieu (DIL) of foreclosure on VA loans. “VA has a longstanding policy of encouraging servicers … Continue reading

December Foreclosure Activity Mixed on West Coast

A recent report by ForeclosureRadar shows unexpectedly mixed foreclosure activity in its coverage area for the month of December. The seeming aberrations could, however, be due to December being a month in which some lenders are more reluctant to foreclose. … Continue reading