Preliminary Application for Foreclosure Defense

Preliminary Application for Foreclosure Defense and Loss Mitigation Services

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Monthly Mortgage Payment
Interest Rate
Mortgage Balance
Months Behind
Notice of Default?
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If yes, case number and county?
Are you currently in bankruptcy?
Do you have a sale/auction date?
If so, what date?
Pre­vi­ous Modification(s)?
Second Mortgage?
Second Balance
Second Payment
Total HOUSEHOLD Monthly Income
Total HOUSEHOLD Monthly Expenses
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Step 1

Complete the simple application for foreclosure defense and loan modification services. It will only take a few minutes, and gives legal service providers a chance to assess the viability of your case. NOTE: Once you have filled out the application, you are required to call us to complete the process. Incomplete applications WILL NOT BE REVIEWED.

Step 2

Your application is reviewed by a law firm licensed to practice in your state, and you will be contacted to discuss your options for representation. If it is determined that you meet the preliminary eligibility guidelines, law firm staff can help you complete a retainer for legal services.

Step 3

Discuss any final details regarding the viability of your case and any offers for representation from a foreclosure defense attorney. Depending on the details of your case, the attorney may have additional questions or require supporting documentation. The attorney may also elect to decline the case. Otherwise, paperwork to begin representation will be prepared and delivered to you. Law firm staff members are available to help you complete the process, and answer any questions.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - Additional information and supporting documentation will be required to complete a final application/retainer for foreclosure defense and/or mitigation services.