Foreclosure Prevention Resources

The articles in our foreclosure prevention resources library were designed to assist homeowners seeking assistance with a troubled mortgage or facing foreclosure. Whether you hire a foreclosure defense attorney to represent you, or attempt the process yourself, these articles offer helpful information designed to help you better understand the foreclosure process and how to best navigate the loan modification process.

MRP strongly recommends hiring an attorney for all mortgage and foreclosure related legal matters.

Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention Options

Understanding the Foreclosure Process

Understanding Your Foreclosure Rights

Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Choosing a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Loan Modification

Applying for Loan Modification

Loan Modification Options

Loan Modification Beats Foreclosure

Tips for Navigating the Loan Modification Process

Writing an Effective Hardship Letter

Loan Modification FAQ

HAMP Modifications vs. Proprietary (In house) Modifications

Mortgage Principal Reductions

General Resources

The Hardest Hit Fund

Short Sale and Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure (DIL)

Securitization and Mortgage Loan Audits

Attorney General Offices by State

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

Mortgage and Foreclosure Term Lexicon